The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts and Culture

The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts & Culture
February 20, 2015 to August 30, 2016
MSU campus and surrounding community

The China Experience explores China through diverse activities including Chinese art, film, music, performances, lectures, events, and exhibits. We explore a country that is rich in history and contemporary art, and that, in many respects, lays at the forefront of social change.

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China Initiative from 2005-2015

By Weijun Zhao | Monday, April 13

Ten years ago, in her inaugural speech, President Lou Anna Simon called for "a new land-grant revolution, the next bold experiment—the land-grant university for the world," which became a vision for MSU's role in defining its covenant with a now-global society for the 21st century. To be a great international university in the 21st century, MSU must be engaged across the missions of research, teaching, and outreach in strategic countries around the globe. With this long-term strategic vision in mind, President Simon launched MSU's China Initiative in 2005 with the aim of developing a new template for our strategic international engageme... Read more

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