The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts and Culture

The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts & Culture
February 20, 2015 to August 30, 2016
MSU campus and surrounding community

The China Experience explores China through diverse activities including Chinese art, film, music, performances, lectures, events, and exhibits. We explore a country that is rich in history and contemporary art, and that, in many respects, lays at the forefront of social change.

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'Feathered Dragons' Nest at the MSU Museum

By Stephanie Palagyi | Thursday, July 30

Photograph by Pearl Wong The new exhibit at the MSU Museum “Land of the Feathered Dragons: China and the Origin of Birds begins with Archaeopteryx – the first feathered raptor fossil discovered in 1861 by scientist Hermann Von Meyer in southern Germany. He discovered the fossil beautifully preserved in 150 million year old limestone. In a visually compelling way, the exhibit lays out evidence that Archaeopteryx and the small carnivorous theropod dinosaurs now popularly called “raptors” share a long list of skeletal features. The exhibit notes that many scientists were skeptical about the connection between dinosaurs an... Read more

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