The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts and Culture

The China Experience: An MSU Exploration of Arts & Culture
February 20, 2015 to August 30, 2016
MSU campus and surrounding community

The China Experience explores China through diverse activities including Chinese art, film, music, performances, lectures, events, and exhibits. We explore a country that is rich in history and contemporary art, and that, in many respects, lays at the forefront of social change.

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The Taiwan Film Festival and the CAL Global Film Series

By Tze-Lan Sang | Monday, May 18

This spring I curated two film series related to China Experience—the College of Arts and Letters Global Film Series and the Taiwan Film Festival. The turnout was phenomenal, averaging 50 people per film. The total headcount was over 350. Many people from the community attended besides MSU students. The events were therefore rather successful as outreach efforts. Other than one film shot in mainland China directed by a Chinese director now based in New York, the other films were all recent productions from Taiwan. This was intended as a way to introduce students and the public to the cultural diversity within the Chinese-speaking world.... Read more

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